Messenger Black

Dim the lights.

Embrace your dark side with Messenger Black, a dramatic new look for Facebook Messenger. Flip the switch and watch the background dim and your messages take center stage, becoming more vivid and easy on the eyes. And now with Scheduled and Sunset to Sunrise modes, you can tune your messaging experience to the sun's natural rhythm.

Messenger Black is a desktop app and works on computers only. Check back on your computer to download a copy.


Customizable to your schedule.
Or the Sun's.

Messenger Black features three modes designed to help you get the most out of Dark Mode, whatever your uses might be.


Put yourself in full control with a single switch to enable or disable Messenger Black. Useful if you want to always have Dark Mode on.


Set a start and stop time from which you want Messenger Black to run. Useful if you want to align Messenger Black with your own schedule or home automation system.

Sunset to Sunrise

Our most sophisticated mode yet, Sunset to Sunrise automatically turns Messenger Black on at sunset and off at sunrise, matching your circadian rhythm and the surrounding environment.